TheraColTM (TheraCol) is Stuart’s unique, small insert that is programmable, bioresorbable and delivers medication on a sustained basis between one and eight months. The first product in development by Stuart Therapeutics using the TheraCol platform is ST-101, which is designed to deliver glaucoma medication.  ST101 eliminates the widespread, difficult to solve compliance problem of patient administered daily drops. ST-101 prototypes are 2mm by 4mm by 50µm in size, and are designed to be inserted subconjunctivally, away from the visible portion of the eye when the lid is open. The inserts are well tolerated, with no scarring in animal testing.  Proof of concept testing has shown the consistent delivery of a prostaglandin analogue to the aqueous humor in rabbit eyes over a six month period.

The TheraCol platform is not limited to glaucoma, and has demonstrated the ability to deliver drugs across the sclera, opening the opportunity to treat various retinal conditions without difficult and risky intraocular injections.

Extracoular placement of a TheraCol insert is a less invasive, safer alternative for a number of posterior segment conditions. It avoids the pain, patient discomfort, and potential for infection associated with intracolar injections, and can deliver current therapeutics more effectively, over an extended period of time.

The 2mm X 4mm ST-101 insert, in wafer form prior to trimming