Stuart Therapeutics has exclusively licensed the worldwide rights to a family of collagen mimetic peptides (CMPs) of unique design, which mimic human collagen, for all human ophthalmic therapeutic applications. Each of these CMPs has an amino acid sequence similar to a single strand of human collagen, and has shown promise as a direct reparative to damaged collagen in situ. The Stuart Therapeutics team has enhanced the value of these peptides by licensing additional patent filings for US and international patents that provide further protection for the technology in ophthalmology and creating a novel therapeutic platform — PolyCol.

When used in ophthalmic clinical applications, PolyCol targets, anchors to and repairs damaged collagen membranes and structures. These membranes and structures are physiologically paired with similarly damaged functional cell layers, and PolyCol’s rapid reparative method of action enables these functional cell layers to heal rapidly as well. Examples of ophthalmic indications, and their associated collagen supporting membranes or structures, and the functional cell layers implicated in these indications are shown in the figure below:

PolyCol’s linking chemistry options offer a number of different bioavailability approaches for therapeutics, including extended release and delayed release.

Stuart Therapeutics has completed a variety of in vitro and in vivo experiments to confirm the mechanism of action, demonstrate the accelerated healing capabilities in ocular surface indications, and provide evidence of the potential of PolyCol to provide a new approach to both glaucoma and dry age-related macular degeneration. The company is focused on the accelerated development of its initial drug candidate, ST-100, for use in treating chronic and acute dry eye disease.