Development Focus Areas

Stuart Therapeutics has selected a series of development and technology partnering opportunities that best utilize PolyCol’s unique characteristics. PolyCol’s ability to anchor to damaged collagen in Keratitis Sicca, Allergic Conjunctivitis, Corneal Trauma, and Corneal Ulcers provide an opportunity for accelerated healing and more effective solutions to those conditions. The versatility of TheraCol’s sustained delivery makes it a preferred alternative for glaucoma, posterior segment inflammatory conditions, and wet age related macular degeneration.

Keratitis Sicca

For Keratitis Sicca, or chronic dry eye, Stuart Therapeutics is taking advantage of PolyCol’s rapid tissue repair capability to provide quick relief for ocular surface damage caused by the condition, healing damaged corneal and conjunctival tissues.

Corneal Ulcers

For Corneal Ulcers, including those caused by viral, bacterial and fungal infections and corneal melting, we are utilizing PolyCol’s ability to anchor to damaged collagen, and delivering anti-viral, anti-fungal, or anti-bacterial therapeutics linked to PolyCol, directly addressing the symptoms in the eye and the etiology of the ulcer.

Corneal Trauma

In Corneal Trauma and more serious ocular surface conditions such as lye burns, PolyCol anchors to damaged collagen, and provides a therapeutic benefit by accelerating healing of stroma and Bowman’s Layer tissues.


For chronic glaucoma, extraocular placement of an ST-101 insert delivers a prostaglandin analogue therapeutic into the anterior chamber, reducing intraocular pressure. These inserts deliver medication over an eight-month period, eliminating the need for patient administered drops, which are a major treatment failure point. Sub-conjunctival placement of inserts by a physician during regularly scheduled patient checkups makes this approach superior to others under development.

Posterior Segment Inflammatory Conditions

Retinitis, Vitritis, and Uveitis are treated using subconjunctival placement of ST-101 inserts, which deliver an anti-inflammatory therapeutic over a multi-month period, eliminating the need for intra-ocular injections.

Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration

Wet AMD is treated using sub-conjunctival placement of ST-101 inserts, which deliver an anti-VEGF therapeutic over a multi-month period, significantly reducing the need for intra-ocular injections.

Allergic Conjunctivitis

For Allergic Conjunctivitis, an eye inflammation caused by various allergens, we are utilizing PolyCol’s anchoring capability, attaching to damaged collagen on the conjunctival surface, and providing sustained release of antihistamine/mast cell stabilizer combination drugs, providing full allergy season coverage to the patient.