Stuart Therapeutics, established in 2017 is developing PolyCol, a unique therapeutic platform that offers improvements in health outcomes for a wide variety of medical and veterinary conditions. PolyCol is based on patented research from a major U.S. university, combined with additional patents owned by Stuart Therapeutics.

The first PolyCol-based product is designated ST-100, and is a breakthrough therapeutic for dry eye syndrome.

Stuart Therapeutics was founded to bring a fresh point of view to the development of therapies for difficult to treat diseases. Our team brings a wide variety of proven clinical, pharmaceutical R&D, operational and partnering skills to support our venture. Our core inventor group identified the promise of PolyCol, and has established broad patent coverage to provide the company with an array of options for partnering and internal development. The areas of medicine on which we are focused have affected all of the members of our team, either directly or indirectly. We have a passion for what we do, and a motivation to improve results for patients suffering from these conditions.

Stuart Therapeutics is adding complimentary technologies to improve our intellectual property portfolio and augment our pipeline. The first major addition is TheraCol, an important drug delivery technology that has significant promise in glaucoma and retinal conditions, among others.

Stuart Therapeutic has augmented its team with widely recognized advisors each of whom are prominent in their fields of expertise. They complement our management team, and we are both proud and privileged that they are working with us in this important effort.

Stuart Therapeutics… Delivers.


Stuart Therapeutic’s mission is the development of new and meaningful therapies
that improve the lives of people that suffer from difficult to treat diseases.


It is wonderful what great strides can be made when there is a resolute purpose behind them. – Sir Winston Churchill

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